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When and Where
  • 5/7/2021 9:00 AM CDT
  • 5/7/2021 5:00 PM CDT
  • Oklahoma City
  • OK

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Topics - May 7 9:00 – 4:00

Part: 1

Commercial & Industrial Lending in Today’s Competitive Market


• Review C&I lending

• Discuss C&I loan products and their typical structure

• Explore underwriting C&I loans including accounts receivable, inventory, and equipment financing

• Evaluate the borrower’s financial statements

• Review the documentation, collateral, pricing, and managing of C&I loans

• Develop the marketing of C&I loans in today’s market

Part: 2

Commercial Real Estate Lending in Today’s Economy 


• Review the commercial real estate market including types of properties and demand/ supply in the current market

• Gain an understanding of how banks process commercial real estate loans 

• Learn the steps of marketing, approving, documenting, closing, and monitoring a commercial real estate loan

• Cover examples of commercial real estate loan underwriting and loan


• Address problem loan issues