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When and Where
  • 3/29/2022 5:00 PM CDT
  • 3/29/2022 8:00 PM CDT
  • OBA/Harris Event
  • Oklahoma City
  • OK

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covered topics

• Business Account Documentation – Internal Forms and Secretary of State 

• Understanding the Importance of Resolutions 

• How Business Are Taxed and Why We Care

• Which business types are required to obtain an EIN and which may use an SSN

• What is the risk of running consumer reporting, like ChexSystems, on a

non-owner of a business account?

• Sole Proprietorships

• General (GP), Limited (LTD) | Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP)

• Limited Liability Limited Partnerships (LLLP)

• Limited Liability Company and Series LLC (LLC/SLLC)

• LLC - Determining Tax Classification

• Profit and Non-Profit Corporations|Professional Corporations

• Nonprofit Associations and Charitable Organizations

• Escrow / Agency / Intermediary

• Interest On Lawyer Accounts (IOLTA)

• Removing an Owner or Non-Owner as a Signer

• Access at the Death of a Business Account Signer/Owner

• FinCEN – Beneficial Owner Requirements

• Documenting Complex Business Structures

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